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VIDEO: "Our democracy is under attack."

Nathan's Platform to Protect, Defend, & Expand Our Democracy

Make no mistake. Democracy in America is under attack from forces within our own borders. The Jan. 6th Insurrection made that clear for all to see. Even though Donald Trump is no longer president, Trump and his allies in Congress are working every day to make it harder for Americans to vote. If they succeed in suppressing the votes of young voters and people of color, all progressive priorities could be jeopardized. An economy that works for everyone. Accessible / affordable healthcare. A real plan to beat back climate change. All are nearly impossible if our democracy is dismantled by corporate right-wing forces in America. So what must we do?

  • Eliminate all forms of voter suppression by strengthening the Voting Rights Act.

  • End the corrupt practice of political gerrymandering so that all citizens are represented fairly in state legislatures and the U.S. House of Representatives. Politicians must not be allowed to pick their voters.

  • End the Senate filibuster. Members of the House of Representatives have no power to repeal the Senate filibuster, but we must speak up to demand that the filibuster end. There is no reason that an archaic Senate rule that’s been used to stonewall civil rights legislation in decades past should stand today in the way of the will of the majority of the American people.

  • End corporate corruption in politics by supporting comprehensive anti-corruption acts at both the state and national levels.

  • Combat partisan polarization by having non-partisan primary and general elections at every level.

  • Enact ranked choice voting to ensure a more proportional representation in legislatures.

For more on Nathan's policy platform, go to the Priorities section of this website.

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