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Nathan & Team Lead "Gas Price Flash Sale Against Big Oil Profits"!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

100+ Triangle Drivers Stream into Cary Gas Station in Two Hours as Congressional Candidate Nathan Click Leads “Gas Price Flash Sale Against Big Oil Profits.” Click Calls on Congress to Investigate Links Between Retail Gas Prices and Enormous Oil Company Profits

Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2021
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Nathan Click for Congress Campaign Sells Gas for $1.99 / Gallon - the Price of Regular Unleaded One Year Ago Today on the Tuesday Before Thanksgiving in 2020

CARY - Nathan Click, a candidate for Congress for Durham, Orange and western Wake Counties, led a “Gas Price Flash Sale Against Big Oil Profits” in Cary on Tuesday, as a steady stream of 100 cars funneled into Bunkey’s Car Wash over two hours to purchase gasoline at $1.99 / gallon, the same price of regular unleaded on this day last year, two days before Thanksgiving in 2020. The flash sale sold up to ten gallons of discounted gas to the first 100 cars which pulled up after 11am. The last car filled up just before 1pm.

In a parking lot press conference prior to the flash sale, Click spotlighted the direct connection between the pain at the pump drivers are feeling with Triangle gas prices that have shot up 65% over the last year, and the huge corporate profits raked by Big Oil companies this summer.

“Higher prices at the pump mean higher profits for Big Oil,” said Click. “Big Oil is profiting mightily on the backs of working families struggling to fill their gas tanks to get to work and get their kids to school. It has to stop.”

Click spotlighted the third quarter profits that four Big Oil Companies recently reported to their shareholders. They come as Triangle gas prices are up 65% over the last year.

  • Exxon Mobil reported $6.8 BILLION in profits for the third quarter of 2021. The company is on pace to almost double revenue from 2019.

  • Chevron reported $6.1 BILLION in profits for Q3 2021, which ran July 1st to Sept. 30th. This was Chevron’s highest quarterly profit number since Q1 2013.

  • Shell reported $4.1 BILLION IN Q3 profits, an increase of 329% from Q3 of 2020.

  • BP - British Petroleum - reported $3.3 BILLION in quarterly profits for Q3 of 2021. It’s an increase of over 3000% from the same quarter in 2020.

Click voiced support for President Joe Biden’s call for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate signs of gasoline market manipulation. Click said Congress should do the same and call on oil company CEOs to testify in Congressional hearings.

“Big Oil companies should be held accountable for these prices and these profits,” Click said. “Oil companies are clearly profiting off the pain at the pump felt by drivers across the nation.”

As has been reported, oil companies have been slow to ramp up oil supplies as driver demand has increased with the expanding economy. Instead of ramping up supplies as in past expansion cycles, oil companies have been buying back company stock, which boosts the stock price for shareholders.

“North Carolina residents deserve members of Congress who are dialed into kitchen table issues that impact everyone like inflation and gas prices. They deserve members of Congress who are not afraid to stand up to corporations and their army of lobbyists. Big Oil companies should be held accountable for these prices and these profits.”

Click said the long-term solution to volatile gas prices and oil market manipulation is to phase America’s vehicle fleet into electric powered vehicles as quickly as practical. Click supports the electric vehicle tax credits and investments in the Build Back Better legislation that has passed the US House and is now pending in the US Senate.

“We have to lower gas prices today, but we have to move away from fossil fuels in the future,” said Click. “These gas prices are bad for family budgets, and fossil fuels are bad for our planet and bad for our future.”


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