• Nathan Click

Nathan's Statement on Remarks of NC’s Lieutenant Governor Who Called Homosexuality "Filth"

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Statement & Video by Nathan Click, Candidate for Congress, on Remarks of NC’s Lieutenant Governor Who Called Homosexuality “Filth”

“North Carolina deserves a lieutenant governor who recognizes everyone’s humanity and right to full equality and respect. Instead we have Mark Robinson. People are not “filth” and those who defend racial equality and fight against systemic racism are neither ‘morons’ nor ‘socialist liars and nitwits.’

“I’m a Black man who believes that Black lives and LGBTQ+ lives matter. My wife and I work hard every day to raise four children to be compassionate, loving, and respectful to all people. I’m angered to see North Carolina’s first Black lieutenant governor, who should know better, using his office to echo the same racist and homophobic rhetoric that led to tragedies like the deaths of George Floyd and Matthew Shepard. This is the same lieutenant governor whose own report failed to expose any political indoctrination within our schools, despite his shrill condemnation of North Carolina’s hardworking and under-appreciated public school teachers. "

“Let's not allow ourselves to be sucked into Mark Robinson’s Uncle Tom Foolery. Rather, let's focus on electing public servants who will lead North Carolina into our future in the spirit of inclusion and tolerance. As a member of Congress, I aim to be a champion for all people: whether rich or poor, no matter one’s race, and embracing all identities. I will address our nation's systemic inequalities head-on and defend our democracy, which is absolutely under attack by forces within our own borders. A strong democracy ensures all voices, especially those facing discrimination, are heard. That's the kind of country I fought for in the U.S. Air Force. We need to reclaim our voices and reclaim our democracy.”


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