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Nathan's Statement on NC Supreme Court Tossing GOP-Drawn Congressional & Legislative Districts

Updated: Feb 6

Friday, Feb. 4, 2022
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Statement from Nathan Click, Candidate for Congress, on NC Supreme Court’s Decision to Throw Out GOP-Drawn Congressional & State Legislative Districts

“North Carolina’s state constitution guarantees voters a right to free and fair elections. North Carolina voters very evenly divide their votes between two parties, but when one party draws maps that guarantee them control of 10 of 14 Congressional seats, that one party is rigging elections that are NOT fair to voters. Lawyers can argue all they want, but people understand that basic math and that basic unfairness.

“We will always have some level of vote rigging and abuse of our democracy as long as we have politicians controlling the process to draw their own districts. The bottom line is politicians should NOT have the power to choose their own voters. We need comprehensive redistricting reform. Members of Congress who want to defend democracy need to support the For the People Act. If Senate filibuster rules must be suspended to pass the legislation, so be it. Defending democracy is imminently more important than some arcane parliamentary rule of the U.S. Senate that is not mandated in the U.S. Constitution and that allows the minority party to stonewall democracy reform.”


Nathan Click is a US Air Force Veteran, small business owner, and candidate for Congress in the 6th Congressional District of North Carolina, which at this point includes Durham, Orange and western Wake counties.
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