• Nathan Click

Nathan's Statement on NC's Radical Gerrymandering

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Statement by Nathan Click, Candidate for Congress, on the Corrupt Gerrymandered Redistricting Maps Just Approved by North Carolina’s State Legislature

“The radical gerrymandering by politicians in North Carolina’s state legislature amounts to another attack on our democracy. They are stacking the deck and rigging elections for the next decade. They are drawing their own districts to a point where they can virtually ignore the will of voters in elections for years to come.

“In a state where about half of the votes for Congress typically go to Democrats and half go to Republicans, state lawmakers have adopted maps where Republicans will win ten or eleven of the 14 Congressional seats for the next decade. They split each of the state’s three most populous counties into three separate Congressional districts. They have targeted urban voters who are often people of color to dilute their political voice in Washington.

“This process has devolved to politicians choosing their own voters so they can ignore them. They are cementing their own power in an incumbent protection racket. In drawing the lines of their own districts, they are walling themselves off from public opinion and what voters really want from their elected government. They are even carving out a new Congressional district tailor-made or one of their own buddies - the Speaker of the North Carolina House.

“The results of gerrymandering are decisions from Congress and our state legislature that voters simply do not agree with. A strong majority of NC voters want more resources invested in public education. But state lawmakers invest less in teachers and schools. NC voters (including a majority of Republicans) want Medicaid expanded to bring healthcare to half a million NC residents and create 45,000 NC jobs. But state lawmakers refuse. NC voters want corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. But state lawmakers continue to cut taxes for corporations at the expense of our public schools. With rigged maps, politicians can thumb their nose at voters and listen to their big donors, special interest friends and lobbyists.

“Gerrymandering is a cancer on our democracy which must end. We need a non-partisan redistricting commission to fairly draw district maps which do not discriminate against people of color or seek partisan advantage. If we continue to allow politicians to draw their own districts, we continue to degrade our democracy to the point where it may ultimately be dismantled. We must stop gerrymandering by taking redistricting out of the hands of elected politicians who benefit directly from this corrupt process.”


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