Core Philosphy

  • I believe in democracy and equity. Everyone should be treated with equity and have fair representation regardless of race, creed, class, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

  • I believe in a common sense, evidence-based approach to legislation.

  • I support truly open and competitive elections as opposed to flagrant gerrymandering, which suppresses the true voice of the people.  

  • I oppose ALL forms of voter suppression.

  • I believe that when elections are fair and when elected officials listen to their constituency, common sense priorities are set and problems can be solved.  

  • I believe in strengthening our education system, ensuring public safety and justice for all, building our state and national infrastructure, and creating a profitable, consumer-friendly economy.  


Platform Specifics

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People Over Party

Politicians that represent the “party establishment” are focused on getting reelected and making friends in the party.  They are less focused on representing YOU! 

I am different because:

•I believe in fair representation no matter what.  Both the DNC and the RNC engage in gerrymandering. They tend to complain only when it benefits the other party.  I want it to stop no matter what!

•I believe in people over party! I believe in the values of the Democratic party; but, more so believe in democracy itself. I will not manipulate the system for partisan gain.

•I believe in YOU! In putting people over party, I recognize that my duty is to represent the people of all parties and persuasions; to work for understanding and solutions, not partisan bickering.

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Racial Justice, Social Justice & Criminal Justice Reform

America has been plagued with systemic racism for far too long.  By now we should be better than this!  We must confront the ills of our past and work to fix our future to build a nation where all of our children are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Police and our criminal justice system must treat everyone fairly  and equally.

We must:

  • Pass It NOW! The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act must become law: This legislation would end choke holds, ban no-knock warrants, ban qualified immunity that currently protects law enforcement officers from civil lawsuits, make it easier to prosecute rogue cops, prohibit racial or religious profiling, require local law enforcement to to purchase body cameras, create a national police misconduct registry, and limit the militarization of local police departments. 

  • Ensure that all Americans regardless of their race, religion, economic status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or nationality are free from legal discrimination, protected from persecution, and have access to all opportunities available to any citizen. Specifically:

    • The Equality Act, compliant with the 1st & 14th Amendments, should be made law so that LGBTQ+ people are protected across the nation under existing civil rights laws. 

    • Transgender people should be able to serve openly in the U.S. military. More than a Biden administration policy, it should be federal law. 

    • Congress should pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act  to mandate that public schools receiving federal funds must also adopt bullying and harassment policies that explicitly name protections for LGBTQ+ and specifically transgender youth.

  • End for-profit prisons. Period. No corporation should ever make money on the backs of people locked away when the goal should be to rehabilitate people’s lives and offer a pathway to hope, remorse, forgiveness, and a compassionate future with real opportunity. The Biden Administration has made progress by closing North Carolina's only private prison for federal inmates. We should close all private prisons.

  • Reform the U.S. immigration system to allow a clear path for citizenship for those non-citizens (to include the undocumented) who peaceably live in the U.S. and allow for more fair and efficient immigration procedures for those who seek to be responsible U.S. residents. Parents should never be separated from their minor children, regardless of immigration status. 

  • Reform the criminal justice system to ensure equity, fairness, and safety for all!


Protect, Defend & Expand Our Democracy

Make no mistake. Democracy in America is under attack from forces within our own borders. The Jan. 6th Insurrection made that clear for all to see. Even though Donald Trump is no longer president, Trump and his allies in Congress are working every day to make it harder for Americans to vote. If they succeed in suppressing the votes of young voters and people of color, all progressive priorities could be jeopardized. An economy that works for everyone. Accessible / affordable healthcare. A real plan to beat back climate change. All are nearly impossible if our democracy is dismantled by corporate right-wing forces in America.

So what must we do?

  • Eliminate all forms of voter suppression and strengthen voter rights by passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

  • End the corrupt practice of political gerrymandering by passing the For The People Act We must ensure that all citizens are represented fairly in state legislatures and the U.S. House of Representatives. Politicians must not be allowed to pick their voters.

  • End the Senate filibuster. Members of the House of Representatives have no power to repeal the Senate filibuster, but we must speak up to demand that the filibuster end. There is no reason that an archaic Senate rule that’s been used to stonewall civil rights legislation in decades past should stand today in the way of the will of the majority of the American people.

  • End corporate corruption in politics by supporting comprehensive anti-corruption acts at both the state and national levels. 

  • Combat partisan polarization by having non-partisan primary and general elections at every level. 

  • Enact ranked choice voting to ensure a more proportional representation in legislatures.

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An Economy That Works for Everybody

For too many, the American dream feels like a mirage. Wages are not keeping up with rising Inflation, gas prices, groceries, mortgage and rents. College is too expensive. Home ownership seems out of reach for too many. And our income and standard of living ARE not keeping up with generations before us. Our economy caters to Wall Street, not Main Street as billionaires pay less in taxes than many working families.

To fix our economy, we must:

  • Slow inflation before it grabs a hold of our economy. We must break the COVID supply chain bottlenecks at America’s ports by empowering them to work 24/7 until the bottlenecks ease up. Our economy is still dealing with a national crisis. The federal government should do everything it can to make sure our ports are working around the clock until the bottlenecks are broken.

  • Create a tax code and national budget that supports working families and small business entrepreneurs. Billionaires and corporations should pay their fair share to invest in America and pay down our national debt.

  • Guarantee equal pay for equal work. Women who do the same job as men should be paid the same.

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Partisan gridlock and the inability to solve problems has set Americans back in many ways.  We are behind other developed nations in key areas: transportation, low-cost high-speed internet, and clean energy production.  We have the resources to do better!

We need to:

  • Invest in modernizing U.S. transportation through the development of interstate electric high-speed rail.

  • Support the development of a low-cost, high-speed internet network throughout the country and support unconditional net-neutrality.  

  • Invest in clean energy solutions that include rapid expansion of properly regulated nuclear power plants as well as solar and wind power, with the goal of replacing all coal and fossil fuel as quickly as possible. 

  • Invest in electric vehicle technology and local public transportation with the goal of minimizing fossil fuel use and ending our nation’s dependence on foreign fossil fuel as soon as possible. 

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Education is the key to lifting prosperity for future generations across America.  Every child deserves access to a quality public school regardless of their zip code or family income.  Every student who qualifies academically for college deserves the option to go to college regardless of financial need.  Everyone will benefit from a better educated nation. Education strengthens opportunity for all, builds a skilled workforce, and improves the health of our democracy. 

We need to:

  • Address America’s teacher shortage head-on right now. America is facing a growing shortage of educators in our schools. We need to pay teachers more - a lot more. We are not investing enough in the education profession to recruit and retain the best and brightest into the teaching ranks. The result is that too many students do not have a qualified teacher in their classroom. We must take steps now to make the education profession more attractive as a long-term career. College graduates who enter the teaching profession should have their student loan debt cancelled after five years in the profession. 

  • Invest in school infrastructure that modernizes facilities and decreases class sizes.  All schools should have 21st century technology, computers, and high-speed internet in safe modern buildings with clean water, air conditioning, and ventilation.

  • Equalize the funding gap between communities so that all schools have access to resources. Guarantee children in low-wealth counties have the same opportunities as children in wealthy school districts by making sure there is enough Title One federal funding getting to the schools that need it now. 

  • Let teachers teach the truth about our American history. Our children deserve the honest facts about the complexities of our American story. Our children deserve to know the facts behind the experience not just of European colonialists, but of indigenous people who were native to America before the United States. They deserve to know the complicated story of slavery, Jim Crow, civil rights, and it’s impacts today. They deserve to know the true story of America’s immigrant experience. A sanitized, white-washed version of American history demanded by right-wing forces today would do a disservice to our children and our future. 

  • Fully fund special education. Special education programs for students needing extra attention are not getting the resources they need to offer the quality education that students deserve. 

  • Student loan debt should be cancelled for those graduates who show a need. Universities should not saddle students with debt for college degrees that do not relate to the current job market.

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Climate change is real and an existential threat to life as we know it on this planet for our children and grandchildren. We must recognize the red lights and sirens that are blaring from the scientific community. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) July 2021 report, we are running out of time.  Our national infrastructure is built on an industrial age foundation, which is outdated and dependent on fossil fuel technology.  We need to modernize the whole national infrastructure from the ground up.

We need to: 

  • Drastically and rapidly decrease our carbon emissions by cutting our dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Focus on developing and expanding renewable and sustainable energy options. like wind and solar. 

  • Provided economic business incentives for environmentally friendly innovations.

  • Develop a clean energy transportation infrastructure.

  • Provide job transition for individuals in working in displaced industries.

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Quality Affordable Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act has done wonders to provide health coverage to tens of millions of Americans who would otherwise not be able to afford coverage. We must defend and expand the ACA.

And we need to do more:

  • We must bring down the price of prescription drugs by enabling Medicare to negotiate prices with the big pharmaceutical companies.

  • America deserves a public option for health insurance. That’s Medicare for all who want it. But if you like your private insurance, you should be able to keep your private insurance.

  • We must defend against continued attacks on the ACA. Americans should never again struggle to find health coverage for pre-existing conditions.

  • Expand Medicaid in North Carolina to bring coverage to half a million working poor NC residents, create 45,000 jobs, and shore up rural hospitals.

  • Build more hospitals!  Overall the US ranked very low in available hospital beds per capita (compared to other developed nations) which has hurt us during the pandemic. America has about 3 hospital beds per 1,000 people compared to Japan which has 13, Germany 8, and China 4.


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