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Recurring donations allow our campaign to plan and deliver Nathan's message to more voters so we can actually make change for North Carolina from Washington. Consider donating monthly -- even $25/month goes a long way!


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And not just money! (Although also we do need that...)


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Political campaigns require money to deliver messages to voters. Nate's goal is to have lots of small donors get him to Congress to reflect the constituency he intends to represent. Please consider donating today -- every bit helps. Seriously.


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Don't have money to donate? No problem! Volunteering your time is just as valuable to our campaign. We can use help from people of all backgrounds and skill levels. Meet like-minded people and join a cause for change! 

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Become a Click Starter

We are launching a grassroots campaign to bring the government and community back to all of the citizens in North Carolina. Anything that you can do to help is greatly appreciated!